Anon Speak

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    Melbourne, AU
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    Bass · Electronic · Experimental · Glitch · Glitch-Hop · Hip Hop · IDM · Instrumental · Noise


In amidst the pristine, ridged, programmed regime that is modern music, there dwells a cut section of determined individuals, armed with their DIY aesthetic, hell bent on cutting and pasting dirt. With no overall intention or reason, these filthy “compositions” glitch, crash, distort and undermine the whole mentality behind the phrase “what is music?”.
Almost like experiments concocted by mad scientists, this niche of noise makers preys on the listeners insecurities, creating uncomfortable soundscapes consisting of various unconventional and conventional instruments, destroyed through the aid of their misuse or intensified by an abundance of filters and effects. Albeit an acquired taste, there is no denying the creativity behind what is mostly an audio visual experience where by the audio chaos and confusion becomes an improvisational crazed and yet wonderfully entertaining live experience.
Anon Speak are pushing boundaries in music, striving for originality in a stale and distilled music scene, breaking down stereotypes and conventions along the way.