DJ Fokus

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    Melbourne, AU
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  • Genres
    Bass · Dubstep · Electronic · Experimental · Glitch · Glitch-Hop · Hip Hop · IDM · Instrumental · Noise · Sound Design


DJ Fokus out of Melbourne Australia, like many independent artists out there, is not waiting around for a record deal. His record label Magician Records has released a number of albums and singles with some of the greatest artists in Hip Hop. Fokus is a music producer, recording engineer and DJ that has worked with heavyweights including Kool Keith, Tim Dog, Chino XL, Chop Black, Smoov-E, Pat Rich, Twisted Insane and many more. His music production style and albums are a little left of center and the quality of the recordings and mixes are on point, and it shows that this cat is out to put out well-recorded and mixed records.

• Hands-on knowledge of Digital and Analog recording, editing, and mixing equipment.
• Comprehensive knowledge of various music genres.
• Proficient in studio techniques.
• Schedule and manage all phases of a recording project: Compose, Arrange, Record, Mixing, Editing, Mastering and Release.
• Voice recording and editing.
• Strong tracking, editing, sequencing and composing skills.
• Imaginative use of audio production tools, Foley performance and capture, props, and recording techniques to create high quality original content.
• 20+ years of experience working within the music industry.