• Nice..Twice (Vicious Cykill Remix)

If you are planning to release your music digitally or on a CD, it’s well worth the investment to have your songs professionally mastered. The audio mastering process will bring out the depth, warmth and energy in your music and enhance the overall volume and sound. It is the “final step” in production, to ensure your mixes translate well to other systems.

Professional audio mastering will optimise playback across all systems and environments. Adding clarity to the entire spectrum of your mix, we specialise in providing high fidelity audio mastering services to artists and labels. We cater to electronic music styles including Hip Hop, Trap, Dance, Drum n Bass, House, Dubstep, Instrumental, Pop and much more.

Individual songs and full album mastering is available.


This is the best option if you plan to release single songs, one at a time.
$40 per song.


3-song minimum. To be eligible for this rate, submit all songs for your project, together.
$30 per song

We offer high end music mastering services created for the purpose of offering tailor made musical approaches for our clients. You can expect pristine audio enhancement. Our flexible pricing makes it easy to get a mastering service suited to your budget without compromising on quality.

Each piece of music is mastered based on it’s own individual need and requirement. Mastering generally involves dynamic range limiting and equalisation to optimise playback translation for all listening  environments.

Mastering projects will be verified and delivered as both WAV and MP3 formats at your specified bitrate. Turnaround times are generally 5-10 days.

We offer outstanding end-to-end audio mastering services to prepare your music for distribution and broadcast at affordable rates. For any questions, or to make a booking please contact us.