Anon Speak – Conventional Emporium Instrumentals

Anon Speak - Conventional Emporium Instrumentals


After hearing the soundscapes of DJ Fokus it was the idea of Victorian rapper Lakonic to form Anon Speak, a fresh new duo with values of old where the MC and DJ compliment one another in style and substance.

While as individuals they have unique techniques it is under the Anon Speak banner that these artists can experiment with music and out of this Conventional Emporium is born.

Influenced by death, poetry, human nature, all types of music from dub to indie-rock and with a love of loathing and creativity Anon Speak bring an abstract element to the Australian underground hip hop scene.

Lakonic has supported the likes of 360, Polo Club, Blunted Monk and J-Waters in live shows while DJ Fokus has worked with heavyweights including Kool Keith, Tim Dog, Chino XL and many more.

Speaking on everything from existentialism to consumerism Conventional Emporium is an album sure to be enjoyed by progressive fans of all genres including hip hop, jazz and alternative.

Anon Speak are pushing boundaries in music, striving for originality in a stale and distilled local music scene, breaking down hip hop stereotypes and conventions along the way.

  1. 1Scope The Terrain In Slow Motion Inst.
  2. 2Downfall Inst.
  3. 3Momentum Inst.
  4. 45 Star Venture Of Epic Proportions Inst.
  5. 5Broken World Of The Borderline Inst.
  6. 6Human Stain Inst.
  7. 7PiedPipeLines Inc. Inst.
  8. 8King Of Fierce Countenance (Purpose Built) Inst.
  9. 9Smoke Inst.
  10. 10Guess The Game Inst.
  11. 11Pandemonium Now Inst.
  12. 12When Hilarity Ensues Inst.
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