Anon Speak – Functional Failure

Anon Speak - Functional Failure


Originally produced for the second collide.scope vinyl release, ‘functional failure’ was executed at the height of anon speak’s exploration in 2011. It represents a melting pot of sounds and styles now central to the anon speak repertoire – post-dubstep beats sprawled across layers of distortion and noise, complemented by bleak, fragmented raps and spoken word.

The title ‘functional failure’ not only identifies the paradox of a track that presents as progressive yet goes nowhere, but also describes how it was rejected from both the collide.scope vinyl project and anon speak’s sophomore album, ‘the tip’.

Recorded, mixed and produced – Vicious Cykill at the Disposal Room
Vocals – on.t / Ordeal
Cover Design – Brad Reich at the Meat Locker

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