In amidst the pristine, ridged, programmed regime that is modern music, there dwells a cut section of determined individuals, armed with their DIY aesthetic, hell bent on cutting and pasting dirt. With no overall intention or reason, these filthy “compositions” glitch, crash, distort and undermine the whole mentality behind the phrase “what is music?”.
Feverishly exploring this said, wide gamut of sound, anon speak begin again with a different approach and undeniably heavier delivery, putting their exploratory techniques into practice.
This is the first cut from the old/new a.s. release entitled ‘the tip’ and much like it suggests, it will compile all sorts of discarded objects / recordings / things into a depositary of filth and decay.

Anon Speak’s ‘The Tip’

Anon Speak formed in late 2008 as a hip-hop project. After experimenting with production techniques, the duo instead switched their focus from hip-hop to the rusted soundscapes of harsh noise, post-dubstep, and industrial beat music.

The result was undeniably denser, subsequently removing the preconceived boundaries of hip-hop and instead heavily distorting and corrupting the archetype. This culminated in the tracks ‘Paranoid Pleasure Fuck’ and ‘Silence Monger’, released by collide.scope on a split 10″ vinyl back in 2012.

After much fine-tuning and hours of preparation, Anon Speak deliver their second full length album ‘The Tip’. Nothing short of decay, ‘The Tip’ is as the title suggests – an organised waste system, the pinnacle of sound, the threshold of tolerance, and the height of Anon Speak’s exploration circa 2011. As hard to describe in words as it is to define in sounds, Anon Speak’s sophomore release is a loosely cohesive slab of audio defilement.

‘The Tip’ is also accompanied by an equally intense audiovisual piece created by Kays Mejri and edited by Anon Speak. You can find it here.

Recorded, mixed and produced – Vicious Cykill at the Disposal Room
Vocals – on.t / Ordeal
Cover Design – Brad Reich at the Meat Locker

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