Magician Records Sound Design

Melbourne Sound Design Services

Magician Records is one of Melbourne’s premier sound design and audio post production studios built to serve the needs of the new millennium. Music is the fabric of good narrative, and we want your project to sound as amazing as it looks. With experience in building sound elements that will synchronise with on-screen action or provide an overall atmosphere to a scene, we create the mood, emotion and feeling to your project. Our composition depth and signature sound creates a lasting impact with your story, no work is complete without a bold, evocative score. Our creative and innovative sounds will ensure your project stands out from the rest.

We bring an emotive experience to every project by pushing the boundaries and creating music that is unique. We love sound and we are good at what we do. We’re fast, efficient and have loads of experience. We specialise in dark, gritty and experimental music for film, focusing on horror, thriller, science fiction and art-house style productions.

Our sound design and music production services are invaluable tools for our clients. Giving them the ability to expand their ideas and take their project to new heights. We offer creative input and we will always make sure the best concepts and ideas are brought forward.

Sound Design for Film, TV & Animation

We offer creative sound design solutions to the media industry. Designed to complement your project and bring it to life. Experience the cutting edge sound scape of Magician Records.

  • Original custom made music – Professionally composed, produced & recorded
  • Cutting edge and versatile producers and engineers
  • Expertly tuned studios for complete sound to picture mix
  • Mixing and Mastering for all asset types and formats
  • Musical direction and liaison services
  • Personal attention from a dedicated team of industry veterans
  • Competitive prices
  • A truly unique sound

Post Production

Stereo and Multi-channel Surround Mixing, Mastering, and Foley, are all a part of a range of media services that showcase our complete approach and commitment to audio excellence. Our integrated signature sounds will support your projects goals without missing a beat, no matter the size or scope.

TV & Radio Advertising

Magician Records can produce, compose and record custom music and jingles for media. Designed to compliment your campaign and capture your target audience. We make your business sound its best!

  • Captivate your target audience
  • Create awareness
  • Increase sales

TV & Radio Advertising Services:

  • Voice Over Production
  • Marketing Jingles
  • Audio branding – Your corporate sound signature defined.
  • Podcasts


Music for Games

Its all about being creative and having a good ear!

Our aim is to set the tone and convey the mood of each area in the game. Heightening tension and drawing you into the game world. Ultimately immersing the player in a deep atmosphere. Anything that is heard and remains unseen uses the gamers imagination and engages their emotions directly.

We work closely with you ensuring you get the best possible audio style for your game. With the creation and implementation of original music compositions, voice overs and an extensive collection of sound libraries we can adapt to the nature of the game, manipulate the mood and create an atmosphere that captivates the gamers experience.

  • Sound design
  • FX and Foley
  • Music
  • Voice over production
  • Mixing


Music & Messages on Hold

Phone music & Messages on hold can be used to inform, entertain and educate your callers. The valuable time when a caller is on hold can be used to tell the caller about your business, its products, history and quality awards. On-hold messages can be effective to enhance business reputation, prevent caller hangups and increase sales while keeping callers entertained, informed and up to date.

  • Increase your Sales and Improve your Customer Service with Music & Message on hold.
  • Captivate your customers with greetings, information, auto attendant prompts, voice mail greetings and more customised to your specifications and requirements.
  • Keep your customers interested by providing messages and information
  • Reduce hangups which cost you money
  • Improve your customers experience
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell
  • Message On Hold Advertising is the most cost effective marketing solution available.

On Hold Phone Services:

  • Voice Over Production
  • Marketing Jingles
  • Audio branding – Your corporate sound signature defined
  • Podcasts
  • Music On Hold
  • Messages On Hold
  • Ads Online


In Store Advertising

Music for retailers to create atmosphere in their store and help sales. Aimed at customers who are at the point of purchase.

Voice Over Production

Melbourne’s voice over experts offering a diverse range of Voice over services. We provide voice recording and voice production services and can also supply professional voice talent for your project. A complete and affordable voice over production service offering high quality equipment and experienced engineers.

Voice Over production Services:

  • Film & TV
  • Radio
  • Corporate narration
  • Video games
  • Music On Hold
  • Messages On Hold
  • Ads Online
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Audio books
  • Multimedia
  • Podcasts