• Nice..Twice (Original)
  • Nice..Twice (Vicious Cykill Remix)

Music Production Studio Melbourne

Magician Records is a music production studio based in Melbourne. We specialise in production music for film, games, and music for TV. 100% exclusive and original music production catered to your specific requirement. Whether it be a tension cue, Hip Hop instrumental or orchestral score, we can provide you with an expertly-curated piece of music to take your project to the next level. Fast turnaround and high-quality music for filmmakers, games, advertisers, YouTubers, podcasters, and content creators.

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Magician Records

Welcome to the new Magician Records website and online store!
Magician Records is a music production studio in Melbourne offering production music, cues, syncs, sound design services, music for film, TV, games, corporate productions, media and mixing and mastering services. We also produce beats for rappers, specialising in electronic music, Hip Hop, Grime and Trap.

Music Production Studio Melbourne

We specialise in advanced music production and composition. Our work includes original production music, syncs, cues, and theme songs for film, video games and television. Our extensive production experience allows us to provide our clients with exclusive high-quality music with very little lead time. Whether you’re looking for a tension cue, uplifting instrumental or orchestral score, we’ll have the perfect soundtrack lined up for your project in no time.

Production Music

Magician Records is a multifaceted music & audio production company with a comprehensive and diverse music collection. No story is complete without a bold soundtrack or evocative score. We bring an emotive experience to every project by pushing the boundaries and creating unique music. We are the go-to production music library for TV, film, games, radio, media, corporate productions, promotion and advertising. We offer a full range of music solutions including sound effects, full custom music & original scoring services, mixing and mastering. Get the perfect soundtrack today.

Recording Studio

The Disposal Room is our Melbourne based recording studio offering premium vocal recording, mixing and mastering facilities. Based not far from Melbourne city, our recording studio is well established and offers professional audio engineer, artist development and high resolution mixing and mastering services.

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