Fokus is a music producer, composer, sound designer, and mixing and mastering engineer based in Melbourne, Australia.

From humble beginnings as a DJ and hip-hop producer, Sean Latino (Fokus, Vicious Cykill) cut his teeth in the industry by setting up and operating his independent record label in 2001. Magician Records provided him opportunities to refine many of the skills he is currently revered for including recording to producing and mixing to mastering.

Over this time, he has managed a ton of releases from conception to completion and collaborated with a range of reputable American Hip-Hop artists including Kool Keith, Tim Dog, Chino XL, Chop Black, Smoov-E, Pat Rich, Twisted Insane, Sav Sicc, and many more.

In 2019, his focus shifted from Hip Hop music production to media composition where he was fortunate enough to land a placement on the highly regarded Netflix show, Love, Death + Robots Volume 2.

His production and audio engineering skills caught the attention of publishers in the UK and USA. His production and engineering skills, and long-standing industry engagement give him a unique point of difference that is hard to ignore.

Today his music is represented by major production labels and he has also secured an in-house position as a mix and master engineer for a major production library in the UK.